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(Verse 1) 
I left my girl back home 
I don’t love her no more 
And she’ll never fucking know that 
These fucking eyes that I’m staring at 
Let me see that ass 
Look at all this cash 
And I emptied all my cards to her 
Now I’m fucking late and all that 

Bring your love 
Baby I can bring my shame 
Bring the drugs 
Baby I can bring my pain 
I got my heart right here 
I got my scars right here 
Bring the cups, baby I can bring the drink 
Bring your body, baby I can bring you fame 
That’s my muh’fuckin words too 
Just let me muh’fuckin love you 

Listen ma 
I’ll give you all I got 
Get me off of this 
I need confidence in myself 
Listen ma I’ll give you all of me 
Give me all of it 
I need all of it to myself 
So tell me you love me 
Only for tonight 
(only for tonight) 
Even though you don’t love me 
Just tell me you love me 
(I’ll give you what I need) 
(I’ll give you what I need) 
Even though you don’t love me 

(Verse 2) 
Let me see you dance 
I love to watch you dance 
Take you down another level 
Get you dancing with the devil 
Take a shot of this 
But I’m warning you 
I’m on that shit that you can’t smell baby 
So put down your perfume 


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